Sunday, November 25, 2012

hi from sunday night.


this is the order in which i took these photos.
the light in our house about an hour ago was spectacular.
i can see the moon from the kitchen window.
anna is all hot and dry after the bathtub.
i hung three more strands of lights today.
there's no music on now and the quiet is noticeable.
lindsey just woke up from the couch, moved upstairs, and may be down for the night.
we have leftover lasagna to eat.
so much food in the house.
the shoe situation in the front hall is getting serious.
someone put a quilt on the radiator for the cats.
it was so cold out on the trails today, it took me by surprise.
that's been happening a lot lately.
i need to do better at work.
i'm going to start on that tomorrow.

take care.