Tuesday, August 31, 2010

learning to braid.

learning to braid.
by herself.

she would not let me teach her.
would not let me help.

after a while she came to me,
and asked me to tie her "braid" around her wrist,
and said,
"is twisting sort of a kind of braid, too?"

yes, sweetie.
yes it is.


Saturday, August 28, 2010



pictures from our last two days.

waiting for callie to come home, within the hour.
enjoy saturday evening.

Friday, August 27, 2010

friday happiness::

cooler temps outside my window.
long sleeves in the morning.

old-fashioned donuts from the farmers' market.
and the last of the berries, too.
and eggplant and swiss chard and on, and on.

slowly but surely getting the house pulled back together.
being as happy about summer ending,
as i am happy about having two weeks left of summer.

a photography project for the fall, coming together nicely.

school supplies at the ready.

friends for lunch,
friends for dinner.

callie home tomorrow!

what's a bit of happy for you, today?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we went to maryland.

we went south.
we went camping.
we made things easy.
we slept fitfully,
but woke to
and breakfast.

we drove again,
and met friends
and felt oh so good.

we're home.
it's good to be home.

but when i look at pictures of me
standing next to molly;
of my kids,
standing next to emily and molly's kids;
it makes me ache a little,
for the space that exists
between all of us friends
who meet in this space.

but things are good.
i still carry all of it, and all of you
right here with me
through my days.


my mind is very much on fall coming.
i'm holding it off,
as much as i can.
my longing for cool air and sweaters and fall food.
but i'm feeling happy about being here,
in this middle ground.
we get to enjoy a little bit
of both,
right now.


Monday, August 23, 2010

this is what we woke to::

and sticky bugs
hot skin air not moving
when we went to bed.

two in the car.two in the tent.

by morning,
four in the tent,
each pulling a corner
of the same
down comforter
to their own corner.

and then,this.

we woke to this.

blue skies,
and rustling leaves so loud
we had thought
all night long
separately in our sleeps,
that it was a hard rain
falling on our tent roof.

in the morning,
the noise was downright
rather than the ill portent
it had seemed for most of our sleeping hours.


so much to say about this day,
but for now, sleep.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

in bed this morning
waiting for enough light
to make rising
i dreamt dreams
too mixed up
with daytime worries
to let my mind rest.

bedbugs in the city,
and lost rings,
and children slipping
under water.

i woke
limb by limb,
each eyelid
at a time,
and turned my face
toward the window,
through which had just come
the breath of fall.


Friday, August 20, 2010



a book so beautiful,
i cried as i read it.

proud to know you, friends.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


sleeping in. way in.
bacon + eggs + arugula for breakfast (ok, lunch.)
walking to town. all of us.
the wish tree on the corner of main street and kaldenberg.
more fresh bread. everyday. back in the swing of things.
standing up, and leaving them all at home.
wednesday market.
clean rooms when i came home.
tofu and berries on the porch for the girls' dinner.
not too too hot, and cooling off nicely, tonight.
not sure what will be for dinner for us.
making it up together as we go along.

today is the 230th day of the year.

where does it go?
where does it go.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sun and rain

last night the rain came.
thunder, too.
we went out back and sat on the porch.
it felt so good,
water splashing off the railing and
blowing in cool under the roofline.


we are a smaller group of family, this week.
it's a mix and match of girls here,
and even a dog,
that we are borrowing
for a while.

it's interesting to watch,
and see,
and feel,
what happens
when parts of the whole
are rearranged.

nothing too dramatic.
just little shifts.
here and there.


the rain was big
and quick,
and when it went,
taking the thunder with it,
we walked around our small yard,
looking at what was left.
what was growing,
what was not.
what had been torn off
in the brief storm,
and what looked
strong and shining now
with the water still
clinging to it.

the humidity is back, today.
but it will be gone again,

soon this summer will all be over.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

visions of homesteading may have been a bit premature.
his paintings remind me of the shapes and colors i see when i close my eyes.
the procrastination continues.


what i have been doing instead of what i should be doing:

making pesto,
baking bread.
making granola,
moving little objects
around my house
to better spots.
lying in bed
with my hands over my face,
and flexing my calves
to stave off the results
of the last hike.
making lists,
doing laundry.
taking pictures,
re-reading a book.
concocting plans,
and then waking to find
that the details are fuzzy.
listening to music,
and pulling girls
onto the couch
just to get
a good squeeze in.
watching rain fall
into the creek,
and onto the trees.
repeating to tim
over and over
that i'm glad
we're in this

i'll try again tomorrow.
that's all for today.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

well, hello.
i am a bit overwhelmed at being here, being there, being back here. all in less than a week.
but such a good week!

so lest i never be able to type word one again,
i thought i would jump in and say hello.

i took five rolls of film and over twenty polaroids; maybe a hundred or so photos on the digital.
i caught up with my 365::project last night, so i can cross that off the list.
but otherwise, i'm sort of paralyzed by the amount of photos, the amount of stuff, the length of the list.

and if my mind is a little cluttered and jumbled right now, my house certainly reflects that.

so, bird by bird, i'll get to work.
and i'll see you back here tomorrow,
hopefully with some semblance of an ordered mind.

no promises.

hope you've all had a lovely week, too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

and we're off!
enjoy your weekend, friends.
see you at the end of next week.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

anna feet.

slide film.
i can not afford to shoot slide film.
or rather,
i can not afford
to process slide film.

but doesn't it glow?


we're getting ready to go on a little vacation this weekend.
we'll stay with family.
then we'll stay with friends.
we'll ride on a boat,
and celebrate a birthday.
we'll walk in to town to get ice cream.
and go to the flea market,
and the farmers market.
and sit on the dock,
and sit on the porch.

some of us at first.
then all of us.

i'm bringing lots of cameras,
and lots of film.

at what point does it get weird,
when i'm as excited about the photo-ops
as the experience?

i'm not there,
but they are at least
a little

just saying.

i'll check back in before we go.
and then i'll be off.
i think for a while.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


morning kitchen.


muffin recipe from tate's. (hi, l.)


enjoy the day!

Monday, August 2, 2010


you know what i love about local?
these potatoes were from the wednesday market. just getting around to them tonight.
and they were d.i.r.t.y.
with a capital d.
(though i'm loath to type one.)
makes me feel good to have proof under my nails that these babies were in the dirt not long ago.

they are being roasted, with olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper.
they are going to be on the table with sauteed spinach (local, again. but not as dirty!)
and grilled trout,
which tim will cook with just some lemon juice and s + p,
and i'll make a quick fresh tomato sauce with capers and rosemary. or basil. or thyme.
i don't know which, yet.

and we'll light some candles out on the back patio.

and no doubt the kids will rock back in their chairs and talk over one another and ask us if they can walk into town, or have the boys sleep over, or maybe even if they can all sleep in the truck. or fight about one thing or another.

but it will be a really good meal, nonetheless.
and tim and i can hold hands for a few minutes after dinner,
while they're clearing the table.

and maybe,
in the end,
they'll remember
all of these great meals
we had
when they were growing up.

i think about that a lot.
what they will remember.